5 Pet Training and Socialization Tips from Local Wake Forest Dog Boarding

5 Pet Training and Socialization Tips from Local Wake Forest Dog Boarding

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One of the most common concerns pet owners have is how to get their pets trained and socialized to behave around other people and pets. Training and socialization of your dog can seem time-consuming, however, if you recently became a dog owner, it is important to set some rules as soon as possible. Complete Pet Care is a Wake Forest dog boarding animal hospital with extensive knowledge in proper pet training and socialization. Our experts have put together a list of tips to help you get your pet trained.

Establish House Rules

Before you start training your new pup, it is crucial to establish house rules and decide on what they can and can’t do around the house. Professionals in dog boarding Wake Forest say that by doing this, you are showing your dog who is in charge in the early stages of their training without the need for punishment.

Consistency Is Key

Whether your pet is a puppy or an older dog, being consistent with their training is crucial to seeing good results. Set aside at least 15 minutes twice a day, every day, to train them. Try to have their training session at the same time every day, so that each session becomes a routine.

Reward Your Pet

After a training session with your pet, reward them for their work. Rewarding your furry friend is important to reinforce everything learned in their training session. You will also create a strong bond between you and your dog, and they will understand the connection between good action and positive rewards. However, rewarding them with a treat is not always necessary. You can also show them your love by playing their favorite game at the end of their training session.

Daily Walks Are a Must

Walking your dog must become a part of their routine. Not only because it’s good for their health, but also to help them socialize with others. Avoid taking them through the same route, and instead, take them to see new places such as the park or the pet store. Wake Forest dog boarding professionals like those at Complete Pet Care say this will allow your dog to become familiar with cars, people, and even other dogs walking by.

Consider a Doggie Day Care

A great source of exercise and socialization for your furry friend is daycare. Taking your dog to daycare will make a difference in their socialization skills, allowing them to get used to being around other people besides their owner, and other dogs as well. Here at Complete Pet Care dog boarding Wake Forest, our priority is your pet’s comfort and happiness, that is why we work hard to create a safe and controlled environment for your pet to play.

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