3 Tips For Boarding Your Pet

Everybody needs a getaway now and then, but it can be extremely challenging to find pet-friendly destinations. Leaving your dog back home can be just as challenging, and searching for a house sitter, especially if this is your first time, can be just as nerve-wracking. When you decide to go with dog boarding Raleigh at […]

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Microchipping Your Pet

Every year around [ten million pets]( year%2C approximately 10 million,are reunited with their owners.) run away only to end up in shelters or are taken to veterinary Raleigh NC offices. At that point, less than [20% are chipped]( year%2C approximately 10 million,are reunited with their owners.) or tagged, resulting in numerous families losing one of […]

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Heartworm Disease 101

Of all of the pests that can irritate your pet, one of the worst is heartworms. Over 100,000 dogs in the United States are diagnosed with heartworm disease a year. They don’t cause many symptoms at first but can prove to be fatal if left unaddressed. While there are more infestations of heartworms in the […]

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Breakdown of Allergies in Pets

Just like humans, your pets can have allergies to certain irritants, such as pollen, grass, and even other animals. This is fairly common in animals but can be stressful for pet owners. At Complete Pet Care, a veterinary Raleigh NC clinic, we are ready to assist you in making sure your pet is healthy and […]

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Preventing Fleas and Ticks

While having a pet can help attract new friends, it is also a window of opportunity for pests to climb aboard. Pests such as fleas and ticks can create many problems for all parties involved, including pet owners. Pests can be transferred from pets to humans and in doing this can spread an array of […]

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Keeping Your Pets Safe From Poisons

As a pet owner, you do your best to keep your pet safe and healthy, but sometimes curiosity can get the best of them. Pets can get into certain household items that can make them sick or prove to be fatal. Complete Pet Care, your local dog boarding Wake Forest and veterinary clinic, has compiled […]

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When to Schedule your Pet’s Dental Cleaning

Just like humans, dogs and cats also need a routine dental visit at a veterinary Raleigh NC to maintain their oral health. Although you might think your furry friend doesn’t need a dental cleaning, experts at your local animal hospital Raleigh, Complete Pet Care, advise you to consider visiting the doggie dentist at least once […]

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How Dogs and Cats Show Love

Complete Pet Care’s Wake Forest vet says that just like humans, dogs and cats have different ways to communicate with their owners. Treats, snuggles, and long walks are some of the ways pet owners show affection to their furry friends. But how do you know if your beloved pet is showing their love for you? […]

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Why Is Your Pet’s Annual Wellness Bloodwork Appointment Is Important

An annual wellness bloodwork evaluation is easily overlooked by many pet owners, however, it is an important part of maintaining your pet’s best quality of life, as well as diagnosing any potential health conditions. As the leading animal hospital Wake Forest, Complete Pet Care wants to provide the best prevention treatments so that your furry […]

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