Grooming Your Pet

Grooming Your Pet

Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital Wake Forest NC

Why Grooming is Important

At Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital Wake Forest NC, we believe grooming your pet is essential to its overall happiness and health and is just as important as getting regular checkups. Grooming helps keep your pet’s fur healthy, so it doesn’t become uncomfortable and matted. Grooming also allows the opportunity to discover any lumps or injuries that you may not have noticed. It’s also a great chance to check your pet for fleas or ticks that may have attached to their skin and remove them as soon as possible. Lastly, grooming removes dead skin cells, hair, and dirt while distributing healthy oil into your pet’s skin.

Services We Offer

  • Basic bathing with salon-grade shampoo
  • Thorough brushing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • Professional Grooming

Regular Pet Grooming

Regular pet grooming is important to keep your pet’s coat nice and shiny, but it can also help them learn to trust people to touch their feet, ears, and skin. It’s best to start these practices as early as possible to get them used to the idea of being groomed. Some ways we recommend At Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital Wake Forest NC, to help your pet adjust to being groomed by a professional include:

  • Brushing their fur with a pet brush or comb
  • Bathing them with pet shampoo and water
  • Brushing their teeth and other dental care
  • Trimming their nails when they begin to get too long so that they can walk comfortably

Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital

At Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital Wake Forest NC, we have a great team of groomers who will care for all of your grooming needs. We have a full-service salon to help maintain your pet’s coat, cut style, and overall cleanliness, regardless of their fur texture. Our team applies tender loving care to all pets they groom. For more information on our grooming services stop in or give us a call today!

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