How Dogs and Cats Show Love

How Dogs and Cats Show Love

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Complete Pet Care’s Wake Forest vet says that just like humans, dogs and cats have different ways to communicate with their owners. Treats, snuggles, and long walks are some of the ways pet owners show affection to their furry friends. But how do you know if your beloved pet is showing their love for you? Our experts in dog boarding Wake Forest are here to explain the most common signs that your four-legged buddy is manifesting their affection for you.

Eye Contact

Does your pet gaze at you often? Studies show that mutual gazing increases oxytocin levels, and sniffing oxytocin increases gazing in dogs. If your pet makes relaxed eye contact, it means they are communicating just how much they love you.


When your pet rolls over on its back, they are in a vulnerable position. If your beloved pet is rolling over, waiting for you to rub on their belly, this means they like you and trust you with their hearts. Additionally, dog boarding Wake Forest professionals explain that a tummy rub is incredibly relaxing for your pet.

They Wag their Tail Near You

The easiest way to tell if your pet is feeling your love is when they happily wag their tail. Sometimes your furry friend just gets too excited, and they want you to know how happy they are by wagging their tail. Although tail wagging doesn’t necessarily mean excitement, according to our Wake Forest vet, it is the most common way that pets seek attention and show their affections.


Not quite kisses, but more like licking. If your pup can’t help licking you whenever they are near you, it is a sign of how much they adore you. While cats can also show their affection by licking their owner’s hands, our Wake Forest vet says dogs are more likely to lick their owners as a loving gesture. On the other hand, cats are also affectionate and show their love by purring, rubbing their head against you, and meowing.

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