Anya L.

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Anya L.

Animal Care Technician

Hi, my name is Anya. I was born and am continuing to be raised in North Carolina. I have 3 odd babies; my cats, Lucy, Boo, and Sophia. I consider myself to be a hardworking and kind person. During the transition to high school, I saw that animal science was an elective. I have always liked animals, so I thought it would be a fun class to take. I never expected that taking that class would give me the opportunity to apply for an internship at Complete Pet Care. While interning, I met some amazing people and learned a bunch of new things. All of the employees and managers were very welcoming. By the time the summer internship had ended, the impression the positive working environment left on me encouraged me to apply to continue working part-time. I love watching the cats and dogs, interacting with the clients, and being with my co-workers.

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