Kayla G.

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Kayla G.

Customer Care Technician

My heart has always had a huge spot in it for animals but my career in the veterinary field began after high school when I took a veterinary assistant course in 2014. While interning at a clinic during that course I was hired as a veterinary receptionist and worked for several years in a busy practice in Frederick, Maryland. In 2017 I took a giant leap and moved down to North Carolina. When I got the call from CPC offering me a job, I was so excited to begin working at such a great hospital and to finally begin really working hands on more with my patients. While not working I am a full-time cat mom of Twilight and Melanie and hope to add a dog into our crazy family one day. In my free time I also enjoy kayaking and enjoying the beautiful warmer months we have down here in the south.

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