Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

One common question that Wake Forest veterinarian professionals hear all the time: “Why does my dog eat grass?” We hear you and completely understand your concern. We’re here to share some possible answers with you that might help your grazing pooch quell its cravings, along with some alternatives that might help keep them from forming a bad habit! Read on to learn more.

Attention Seeking

Sometimes, dogs may eat grass just to receive extra attention from their owner. In some instances, dogs may eat grass if they believe that they are being neglected. They understand that their owner will award this behavior with attention being directed towards them. In order to separate your dog from this behavior, our Wake Forest veterinarian team recommends distracting them with toys, treats, and providing them with other comfort items such as an old t-shirt to help anxious dogs feel safer. For younger dogs, providing more strenuous playtime or puzzle toys that keep a dog’s attention focused on solving the puzzle may help as well!

Upset Stomach?

One common assumption people make is that dogs may munch on grass to relieve their upset stomachs. As a dog owner, you may have seen this common sequence of events – the dog eats the grass in a fast manner and vomits. This, however, may not be true. Greens are an important part of a dog’s diet, and it is shown to improve digestion functions. They may be eating the grass in order to help their bodies function more naturally.

Ways to Help

If you are concerned about the amount of grass that your dog consumes, the safest solution is to take a visit to our vet Wake Forest NC location. We can give you guidance and tips in-person that can help you keep your dog from consuming too much grass.

However, there are a few things that you can do at home to help your pup! One method includes treat training. On your walks with your dog, distract them as they’re eating grass to move them into another area with no grass around. Make sure that as you’re moving them, you are using a verbal command to coach your dog to respond to that cue. Reward them with a treat when they have moved and given you their full attention!

Make sure that you’re checking the ingredients of your pet’s food to make sure that they are receiving the correct amounts of nutrients, grains, greens, and other important elements of their diet. This may help with their cravings.

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It is completely normal to have questions and concerns about your dog’s diet! When it comes to animal behavior, our Wake Forest veterinarian team are experienced and prepared to provide you with answers to any questions you might have about your pup’s diet. For more information on ways to help your pet live healthy and happy, check out our blog page.

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