Why Is Your Pet’s Annual Wellness Bloodwork Appointment Is Important

Why Is Your Pet’s Annual Wellness Bloodwork Appointment Is Important

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An annual wellness bloodwork evaluation is easily overlooked by many pet owners, however, it is an important part of maintaining your pet’s best quality of life, as well as diagnosing any potential health conditions. As the leading animal hospital Wake Forest, Complete Pet Care wants to provide the best prevention treatments so that your furry friend is happy and healthy. If you are still uncertain about whether your pet needs annual blood screenings, our team helps you explore why scheduling a wellness bloodwork check is important for your pet’s overall health.

Why Is Blood Work Important?

Performing an annual wellness bloodwork exam ensures that your pet is in optimal health. It also helps our vets to determine whether your pet needs specific treatment for a health condition. An annual wellness bloodwork exam consists of a complete blood count. A complete blood count will measure different components such as:

  • White blood cells
  • Red blood cells
  • Hemoglobin
  • Platelets

A wellness bloodwork analysis will also help your vet monitor substances such as liver, kidney, and digestive enzymes. Based on the results, our veterinarian can detect abnormalities that could indicate a specific health condition. Additionally, scheduling an annual wellness bloodwork exam at Complete Pet Care will allow you to continue monitoring your pet’s health if they are following medical treatment.

When Should Bloodwork Be Done?

To ensure your pet’s optimal health, it is crucial to schedule a wellness bloodwork appointment at our animal hospital Wake Forest every year. However, dogs and cats that have certain conditions and ages must schedule a routine check-up more often, or as recommended by the vets at Complete Pet Care. In addition, pet owners must monitor their pets to help identify discomfort, and request a wellness bloodwork check when they think it’s needed. If your pet experiences certain symptoms such as fever, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, and other signs of discomfort, it is time to schedule a bloodwork screening.

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