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Vet-Recommended Treatments and Preventatives For Heartworms

Heartworms in pets can be a serious health concern. It is important to understand the signs and symptoms of heartworm infection to properly diagnose and treat the animal. Additionally, take preventative measures to avoid having pets contract this dangerous disease. Here are some treatments and preventatives recommended by one of the top emergency vets Raleigh NC has to offer […]

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Choosing the Best Daycare for your Dog

Sometimes, life can get busier than usual, and it can become harder to be there for your pets during the day. However, there are options for pet parents that are looking to ensure their pets are happy and healthy throughout the day. At Complete Pet Care, we offer doggy daycare and pet boarding near me […]

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Keep Your Pets Safe During The Holidays With These Tips

The holidays are a time for family and friends, but if you have pets, it’s important to take extra precautions to make sure they stay safe. From toxic decorations to hazardous foods, there are many aspects of the holidays that can be potentially dangerous for pets. Not to worry, your pet care animal hospital Complete Pet […]

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Crate Training 101

Crate training is a process of teaching your dog to be comfortable in and with its crate. It has many benefits for both dogs and their owners, from potty training to providing a sense of security for your dog and giving them a place to call their own. It can also help prevent destructive behaviors […]

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Nutrition Needs For Dogs and Cats

Just like humans, our furry friends need the proper nutrition to live long and healthy lives. Unfortunately, not all pet foods on the market are created equal. To ensure that your dog or cat is getting the nutrients they need, it’s important to understand what their bodies require and why. Complete Pet Care, one of […]

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Alternatives for Declawing Cats

Scratching is a normal part of a cat’s life. They do this in order to express emotions, mark objects with their scent, clean their claws, or stretch. However, sometimes cats can scratch objects that are not meant to be scratched, such as furniture. Some owners think that excessive or destructive scratching can be solved by […]

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Grooming FAQs For New Dog Owners

As a new dog parent, there are a lot of things to remember and keep up with, from when they get their heartworm medicine and their next vet Raleigh NC visit to play time and how often they need walks. One of the most important is grooming. Without proper grooming, your pet can start to […]

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Apartment Living With Pets

There are many benefits of apartment living, but having a furry companion living there with you is an adjustment. About 70% of Americans who live in apartments have pets, so it’s not uncommon, but there are still some getting used to for both pet owners and their pets. At Complete Pet Care, one of the […]

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Importance of An Annual Pet Exam

Just like humans, pets need regular health and wellness exams. While this might be a bit of an inconvenience at times, these check-ups are imperative for your pet’s health. One of the top vets Raleigh NC, Complete Pet Care, is happy to assist you with scheduling and keeping your pet happy and healthy. Here are a […]

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