Emergency Pet Care

In case of an emergency

Complete Pet Care is always available to handle emergency needs during normal doctor hours. We also partner with several 24-hour emergency practices in the area.

In case of an after-hours emergency, please visit or contact one of the following local 24-hour emergency practices:

How to Know When It’s a Pet Emergency

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As a pet owner, you know there can be a fine line between just a bellyache and an emergency. And in an emergency, every second counts. Here’s how to know when it’s a pet emergency and when you should seek the help of an emergency pet hospital:

Trauma-related injuries

such as broken bones or a deep wound that’s bleeding profusely

Bleeding from the eyes, nose or mouth

which can indicate a serious infection or illness

Signs of extreme pain or disorientation

such as making unusual noises for a long time or being unable to maintain balance

Symptoms of heatstroke

including unusual restlessness, heavy panting, deep breathing, excessive saliva, weakness, confusion and vomiting or diarrhea

Unconsciousness or abnormal heartbeat

Vomiting or diarrhea

if either persists for over 24 hours

Delivery complications

such as stalled delivery or visual indicators of excessive pain for your pet

Taking Care of Pet Injuries in Raleigh, Wake Forest and Surrounding Areas

Regardless of how much training your pet has, they’re still animals. And sometimes they don’t understand that they shouldn’t run, jump or fly in a dangerous situation or eat something that’s possibly poisonous.

If you do end up with a sick or injured pet, our team at Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital is available and ready to quickly respond to any emergency. We provide high-quality treatment for pet injuries at both our Raleigh and Wake Forest locations.

Our experienced veterinarians have seen and treated it all – from leg injuries to tail injuries and everything in between — and nothing stops us from providing your pet with the care they need when they need it. Our ultimate goal is to send your pet happily on their way back home with you!

Treating Pet Injuries and Illnesses

Our team at Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital understands how scary it is when you have a sick or injured pet, and it’s easy to become shaken by the event. As pet care professionals and pet owners ourselves, we know how important it is to respond to pet emergencies promptly. We offer emergency services to ensure that the treatment can begin as soon as possible and that your pet’s recovery goes smoothly. These are examples of some of the more common pet injuries in Raleigh, Wake Forest and the surrounding areas that we treat:

  • Ingestion of a foreign body, such as a small toy, a sock or a piece of plastic
  • Getting hit by a car
  • Bites from other animals such as another cat or dog
  • Poisoning
  • Heatstroke or dehydration

No pet injury is too big or small to treat. Whether it requires minimally invasive surgery, major surgery or a few stitches, you can rely on your Complete Pet Care team to provide the best care available because of our experience both as medical professionals and as pet owners.

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