4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Vet for Your Pet

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Vet for Your Pet

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Selecting a veterinarian to care for your pets is a major decision and should be carefully considered. Not only should your pet feel comfortable around the staff and in the office environment, but you should as well. At Complete Pet Care, we know how much you love your pet, and as your local veterinarian and animal care hospital Raleigh NC, we are here to keep the both of you happy and healthy. Whether you’re a first-time pet parent unsure where to start, or a seasoned guardian looking for a refresher on finding a new vet for your best friend, following this guide to finding the perfect vet will help you give your dog or cat the care they deserve.

How to Choose the Right Veterinarian for Your Pet:

Create a List of Necessities

Before starting your search, make a list of priorities for you and your pet. Consider your pet’s age, breed, health concerns, and if you are in need of additional resources such as doggy day care in Raleigh, pet boarding in Wake Forest, or grooming in surrounding areas.

Ask for Recommendations

Searching for veterinarians in Raleigh can be an overwhelming and tedious task. Instead, ask friends, family, or neighbors which animal clinic or animal hospital in Wake Forest NC they use. Other families with pets in your area are sure to know some good veterinarians to check out and can provide the “inside scoop” that internet searches might not. It is also beneficial to view customer testimonials, you can check ours out here.

Ensure a State License is Held

Although most people would assume every practicing veterinarian is licensed, this is not always the case. Make sure your animal care hospital Raleigh holds proper practicing licenses for your state and if the technicians are as well. You can ask to see their licenses or contact your state board of veterinary medicine for more information. Bonus points if they are certified by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

Consider Cost, Location, and Facilities

Raleigh Veterinarian costs vary from clinic to clinic and can depend on a variety of circumstances, so see if their pricing fits into your budget before committing to anything. Research the clinic’s hours of operation and location. This is important not only for emergencies but for how it fits into your work schedule–especially when your pet is due for a checkup. In the case of an emergency, would you be able to bring your pet in at any time day or night, or would you be directed to a different animal hospital in Wake Forest? Ensure your vet has up-to-date facilities, practices, and equipment.

Making the Final Decision

Once you’ve found one or two potential vets, schedule an appointment for a simple physical exam of your pet. During this appointment, ask for a facility tour for you to be able to visualize where you will be bringing your pet from here on out. This also allows you to get face-to-face interaction in a non-stressful/emergency situation for your pet. Take note of how the staff treats you and your furry friend, the cleanliness and comfort of the facility, and most importantly, how well the staff and doctor communicate with you. These points are key signs to the work ethic of the staff and of the care your pet will receive. You may be so impressed with one vet that you cancel the other appointments!

In the end, you want to find the animal care hospital Raleigh who will make the examination and in-office experience positive for both you and your pet. By putting a little time and effort into finding the best place for them you help to ensure they live a long and happy life! Complete Pet Care understands just how important it is to find a vet that you and your pet love and trust.  We offer a free first exam to allow you and your furry best friend to meet our team and make sure we are the perfect match!

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