Tips For Cleaning Your Pet’s Ears

Tips For Cleaning Your Pet’s Ears

cleaning a dogs ears with the help of emergency vets raleigh nc

Cleaning your pet’s ears is imperative to their overall health and well-being. It’s important to get into a routine so that your pet gets used to the process and it becomes a regular part of their grooming. To ensure you are cleaning your pet’s ears correctly, Complete Pet Care emergency vets Raleigh NC shares the best tips and tricks to clean your pet’s ears with ease.

What You Need for Your Pet’s Ear Cleaning

Before you start cleaning your pet’s ears, be sure to have the right supplies on hand. You will need:

Additionally, it is always best to have someone help you hold your pet still if possible. To make the most of your pet care Raleigh NC or if you notice signs of infection, contact your veterinarian to set up an appointment.

How-To Guide to Cleaning Your Pet’s Ears

The first step in cleaning your pet’s ears is to ensure your pet is calm. Treats are a great way to get your pet’s attention so they are focused while you clean their ears. Then, apply a few drops of ear cleaner directly into the ear canal and massage for a few minutes. Be careful not to touch the ear with the tip of the applicator, as this results in a transfer of bacteria. Allow your pet to shake, using the towel to wipe them down before using cotton swabs or balls to gently remove wax from inside the ear flap and canal. Be sure not to insert anything too deeply, as this can cause damage and result in a trip to emergency vets Raleigh NC. If necessary, repeat with more drops of cleaner until the ear appears clean and free from debris.

Cleaning Tips From Your Raleigh NC Veterinary Clinic

When providing this kind of pet care Raleigh NC, be sure not to leave any cleaner on their fur afterward, as this can cause skin irritation or discomfort if left behind. Additionally, avoid using paper towels as they are rough on delicate skin and leave tiny pieces behind that may irritate your pet further down the line. Finally, remember that some dogs may not enjoy ear cleanings, so keep an eye out for signs like excessive pawing at their head if this happens during the process. Talk to your veterinarian at Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital for more tips.

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Cleaning your pet’s ears regularly is an important part of their overall healthcare routine, and your local emergency vets Raleigh NC makes the process easy! Our goal is to assist pet owners in keeping their pets happy and healthy their whole lives. To learn more about our services, please visit our website.

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