What to Expect at Puppy’s First Appointment

What to Expect at Puppy’s First Appointment

Congratulations on your new pup! We’re the first to know just how excited you are to become a new pet owner. Between all of the giggles, wiggles, licks, treats, and training, your world has changed overnight! It is pertinent for your pup to receive care from a Wake Forest veterinarian shortly after coming home. Complete Pet Care understands that it can be overwhelming to get used to the bustle of owning a new pet, so we would like to share our inside tips on what to expect at your puppy’s first vet visit. Read along to learn more!

Before You Arrive

Before you bring your newest addition to the family in to see our professional Wake Forest veterinarian, it’s important that you have a few key pieces of information available to us to better understand your pup’s background and potential medical history. This information includes:

  • Any veterinary records that you may have received from the previous owner, breeder, or shelter
  • Leash/harness
  • Notes including their diet, along with any treats that you have been feeding them
  • List of questions and concerns for the vet
  • AKC papers, if applicable
  • A stool sample, as fresh as you can acquire

With this information, the vet Wake Forest NC will be able to build a strong profile for your pet when they return for future appointments.

What to Expect

Come prepared to answer questions! Our vets will ask about the puppy’s temperament, energy levels, how much food and water they consume, and may ask for background information regarding the puppy’s history. After this, the examination will begin! Common procedures include:

  • Weight checks
  • Measuring body temperature
  • Observing the puppy’s behavior
  • Checking the puppy’s eyes, ears, mouth, throat, feet, nails, and genitalia for proper function
  • Checking reflexes
  • Feeling around the abdominal area for any abnormalities
  • Listening to the heart and lungs

From here, the vet may discuss different plans of care and maintenance with you that would work best for your situation. Discussing flea, tick, and heartworm prevention is key to keeping your little fur baby happy and healthy. The Wake Forest veterinarian may also inquire about microchip identification, and if that is something that you would be interested in. Other topics of discussion such as nutrition, grooming, and socialization are also to be anticipated. Complete Pet Care’s doggie daycare center is a great option for busy dog parents who want to improve their pet’s socialization time.

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At Complete Pet Care, we go beyond general check-ups on the pet. We want to help you as a new pet owner be as successful and prepared as you can be for the future with your pet. Our dedication is to you and your newest family member – Monday through Sunday, day or night. For more information or to schedule your first appointment with us, visit our website or contact us today.

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